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Housing Association Rents

Discussion of social housing rents has formed part of the Social Housing Reform Programme led by the Department for Communities. Greater openness and transparency were identified as key policy drivers for a new approach to social housing rents.

In response NIFHA has begun work to collate the average rents of all housing associations, across different categories of housing and different property sizes. It is hoped that this will go a significant way to providing greater clarity and accountability on housing association rents and rent setting policies.


The housing association sector is diverse, with different sized organisations working across Northern Ireland and serving a broad range of people in need of particular types of homes and services. This diversity is reflected to a degree in sector rents and NIFHA’s analysis has endeavoured to explain the reasons for those variances.

Rental income is the basis of all housing association activity. It enables associations to meet commitments to existing tenants regarding the management and maintenance of their homes; to develop new social homes in line with housing need; to provide care and support to the most vulnerable and to invest more broadly in tenants and communities.

NIFHA and the sector are committed to maintaining a policy on rents which balances the need for commercial viability and solvency with affordability and fairness. Ultimately it is about protecting the sustainability of housing associations so that they can continue to provide high-quality homes for those in housing need and vital services and support for existing tenants and residents.

This report represents the beginning of NIFHA’s work on housing associations rents and will be added to as appropriate. More information on supported housing rents will be made available in coming weeks. If you have any questions about any of the information within this report please contact: Sharon Jeffers, Research Officer or Jennie Donald, Deputy Chief Executive


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