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Supporting People to Flourish: Speaker Presentations

Transforming Your Care – Housing’s Role in Fulfilling the Vision

Pamela McCreedy, TYC Director, Health and Social Care Board

There is strong and broad support for Transforming Your Care and its vision to ‘shift left’ towards more preventative, community-based approaches. Pamela McCreedy discusses how the housing and health sectors can work together to fulfil the vision of TYC, ensure the home is an effective hub for care and support services, and enable people to maximise their independence.


Supporting People to Flourish

Cameron Watt, Chief Executive, NIFHA

Housing associations and managing partners are major providers of housing, care and support services for many thousands of people across Northern Ireland. Our commitment to care is undiminished, but developing supported housing and providing care & support services is increasingly complex and risky for independent providers. Cameron Watt takes stock of developments in policy and funding, outlining the potential of housing in ‘Supporting People to flourish’ in this fast-changing environment.


Supporting People Update

Brian O’ Kane, Assistant Director, Northern Ireland Housing Executive

The Supporting People programme underpins most care and support services provided by housing associations and managing partners. Brian O’Kane provides an overview of current issues in the programme, including levels of funding, changes to commissioning, streamlining the development process and aligning regulatory and inspection regimes.


Assessing Progress in Key Areas

Chris Alexander, Chief Executive, Triangle

Fiona McAnespie, Director of Care Services, Fold

Ricky Rowledge, Director, Council for the Homeless NI

Over the last decade significant progress has been made improving housing, care and support options. In this session, three sector leaders assess recent progress in meeting the needs of particular groups of people using services, summarising the opportunities and challenges around existing and future provision. The implications of ongoing policy and funding changes are also discussed.


Costs and Benefits of Supporting People in Northern Ireland

Phil Saunders, Consultant, SITRA

In 2009 the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) in England commissioned international consulting firm Cap Gemini to assess the financial benefits of the Supporting People programme. It concluded that £1.6Bn of annual investment in SP produced net financial benefits of £3.4Bn. NICVA has now commissioned SITRA to undertake a similar assessment for NI using the Cap Gemini model. In this session Phil Saunders presents the study’s initial findings.


DSD Supporting People Review

Stephen Martin, Deputy Director, Department for Social Development

Supporting People has been operational in Northern Ireland since 2003. Eleven years on, DSD, the programme’s sponsoring department, is carrying out a fundamental review. Its broad remit includes assessing the effectiveness and value for money for each category of service, and whether the existing policy and legislative underpinnings of SP need reform. Given the potential for the review to make far-reaching recommendations, providers of SP services need to understand its scope and how to contribute. Stephen Martin, the DSD official overseeing the review, provides an overview of the review and how you can get involved.


Supporting Staff to Flourish

Kerry Anthony, Chief Executive, DePaul Ireland

Tony Ruddy, Chief Executive, Ark Housing

Working in care and support is one of the most responsible roles in society. Jobs can often be very fulfilling, but are usually also highly demanding. Pay can be relatively low in comparison to other sectors and staff turnover high. This session considers how to most effectively recruit, equip and motivate staff to fulfill their potential in providing high-quality, responsive services. Among the issues debated are the relative importance of pay and whether it is realistic to pay all staff the Living Wage.

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