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iOpt Limited

Social Housing is in a vicious circle. Ever decreasing funding means less work being carried out on properties that the tenants live in and less inspections of the properties. Less work and inspections mean ever deteriorating conditions and hence more money needing to be spent. iOpt is helping to break that cycle and predicting mould growth, poor living conditions and other social and practical problems. We enable asset owners and managers to be proactive rather than reactive in the way they manage properties. This allows them to spend more money, more strategically and improve living conditions of those most vulnerable.

iOPt install bespoke sensors that measure certain conditions within the properties. We send the data out to the cloud and analyse it. We then send alerts and responses to the property managers that allows them to proactively intervene and prevent the conditions continuing or getting worse thus saving significant amounts of money.

Our service typically delivers a 400% return on investment to our customers over 3 years.

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