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Scotts Fuels

Scotts Fuels is a family-owned and run business established by Thomas Scott in 1954 and has a reputation as an honest, ethical and trustworthy company.

We now have a third generation of the Scott family in management and have a long-standing presence in the oil industry being a company not only well known for its honesty and trustworthiness but also for quality of both products and services.

Scotts Fuels can offer you a complete package of high quality fuels, lubricants & greases all under the one account at competitive prices so that you do not have to waste time sourcing different items in different places saving you time and money.

We deliver domestic and small volume fuel deliveries throughout Tyrone and Fermanagh with commercial deliveries of up to 35,000 litres operating throughout Northern Ireland. All our metered deliveries are through our electronic meters which guarantee quantity and clarity, showing start time, finished time and quantity delivered for your peace of mind.

Our lubricants business is one of the largest in Ireland supplying lubricants throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We supply the agricultural, industrial, automotive, power and metal working sectors to mention a few…

We operate our own fleet of vehicles meeting Euro 4 emission regulations to ensure the best for the environment.

With our own fleet of vehicles we operate a fast and efficient delivery network to ensure our customers get the service they need when they need it in both the fuels and lubricants sectors.

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