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NIFHA response to Tenant Participation Strategy

Published on: 8 April, 2015

NIFHA warmly welcomes the publication of the draft Tenant Participation Strategy. We are pleased that NIFHA, our member housing associations and – most importantly – our members’ customers have been able to assist the Department in developing it.

Local housing associations are already undertaking a wide range of effective work in the area of tenant engagement and empowerment. NIFHA has been sharing good practice from local landlords and colleagues across the UK at our events, in training and on our website. However, we are keen to do more.

The consultation document acknowledges that there is much positive activity already underway in our movement, including a significant number of tenants serving as members of housing association boards. Excellent work is also being done to empower people with learning disabilities and members of other vulnerable groups. Nonetheless, there is scope to increase the extent and effectiveness of tenant participation, and the Strategy can valuably contribute to that.

To download a copy of our consultation response click here.


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