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NIFHA | News | Choice launches new website

Choice launches new website

Published on: 27 April, 2016


Choice has announced the launch of its new website, designed with a fresh new look, user-friendly navigation and updated with the latest information about our range of housing and services.

The focus for Choice is on delivering more homes, better services and stronger inclusive communities. The association has developed a new ‘Find a Home’ page, which has all the information that customers need to search for a new home, apply for housing and get the right support they need. Visitors to the site can also learn about Choice’s many partners who are instrumental in delivering effective support services for customers with complex needs.

The website has been built with customers in mind and Choice worked with its Tenants’ Forum to ensure that the new website is more agile, interactive, and is easier to navigate, enabling customers to find what they need quickly. The new site has a number of easyArk HA 2013 Logo to use tools for customers to pay rent, report a repair, join the tenants’ forum and find a new home.

Over the next couple of weeks, Choice will be launching new social media channels; Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin to help strengthen communication with customers and stakeholders.

The association will continue to improve and update the new website and phase two will launch ‘MY CHOICE’ enabling customers to access their account information online to pay rent, report and monitor a repair and contact Choice Services Centre all at their fingertips from a phone, tablet or computer!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please email Choice.


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