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Don’t fall prey to criminals this Christmas – be Scamwise!

Published on: 14 December, 2018

clipart of a masked man in black holding a laptop and pointing to the word password

NIFHA, in partnership with the PSNI and Scamwise NI, is reminding everyone that it’s not just Santa and his elves who are working overtime in the run-up to Christmas. Scammers are busy devising new ways to try to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

Be prepared and remind your loved ones to be alert for some of the tell-tale signs that a letter, phone call, text message or email may not be genuine.

Check out the Scamwise NI website or follow ScamwiseNI on Facebook where you find details of the latest ploys and where they are happening.

As a general rule, you should apply the SCAM test and, when in doubt, don’t proceed.

Grey, orange, red and white leaflet with advice on how to avoid being scammed


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