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Join the campaign for urgent action on welfare reform mitigations

Published on: 10 May, 2019

 Infographic warning that time is running out re welfare reform mitigations

Around 7,500 housing association tenants are facing the loss of more than £6m in SSSC and Benefit Cap supplementary payments from next March.

They are among the tens of thousands of people will face further hardship if new protections aren’t in place when the current welfare reform mitigations run out.

Across Northern Ireland:

  • up to 14,000 disabled people, worse off following reassessment from DLA to PIP could lose up to £19.1m per year
  • up to 34,000 households subject to the bedroom tax will lose an average of £50 per month
  • up to 1,500 carers could prematurely lose £2.2m in support each year
  • up to 1,500 families affected by the benefit cap will lose an average of £42 per week
  • the introduction of Universal Credit is also putting people under more financial pressure.

Since the #CliffEdgeNI campaign was launched this month, membership has more than doubled, with organisations across a range of sectors voicing their concerns that, without protections, so many people who are already struggling will be pushed into crisis.

NIFHA, CHI NI, Alpha, Apex, Choice, Clanmil, Habinteg, NB, Newington, Radius and Rural Housing are among the 67 organisation (and counting!) taking part in the campaign.Join us and make your voice heard. Email to find out how.


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