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NIFHA Comments On Proposed Interface Normalisation Scheme

Published on: 6 October, 2015

The reduction and removal of interface structures is essential to the realisation of a shared society in Northern Ireland.  NIFHA agrees that there is a need to assist those communities willing to support changes to these structures.  The provision of protective measures will help reassure those living adjacent to interface structures irrespective of tenure.

As housing associations play a vital role in the provision of social housing in Northern Ireland the proposed scheme will have implications for our members.

NIFHA’s response to the consultation makes the following key points:

  • We welcome the proposed scheme and believe it will help promote a shared society in Northern Ireland.
  • NIFHA recognises that there is a need to assist communities willing to support the removal of interface structures.
  • The term ‘normalisation’ may be perceived as having negative connotations.
  • By default, housing associations will want to arrange prescribed works to be carried out by their own contractors.
  • Prior to the commencement of the scheme, clarity should be provided to housing associations on the agreed rates for the work to be carried out.
  • Clarity should be provided as to the nature and extent to which housing associations are expected to liaise with tenants regarding this matter.
  • Appropriate training, resources and support should be made available to housing associations where necessary in order to equip and prepare staff for this process.

A copy of the full response can be downloaded here


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