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#NIFHA14 Speaker Blog: Brendan Sarsfield, Chief Executive, Family Mosaic

Published on: 10 September, 2014

42572_BRENDAN_SARSFIELD_1I am looking forward to speaking at the NIFHA Conference in October. It will give me a chance to hear what is happening in Care and Support in Northern Ireland and to share our experiences at Family Mosaic.

I will be talking about the ‘Race to The Bottom’ here in England. I wrote an article for Inside Housing about this in October 2013, but my views have developed further since then. One reason why my views have changed has been because of personally seeing the care services provided to my father-in-law by a private contractor paying the minimum wage to the carers, not paying travel costs and providing very little supervision.

The outcome has surprisingly been excellent care – as long as there have continuity of carers. It has only failed my father-in-law when the personnel have been changing.

The second experience that has influenced my view has been our Health Research Project here at Family Mosaic. We have set out to show that preventative housing interventions can save the NHS money. We have 600 tenants in the Project – 200 of whom are receiving health interventions for our staff; 200 who are receiving signposting advice and 200 who are not getting any support from us. The London School of Economics is making sure that the research is carried out properly.

I look forward to telling you more at the conference.


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