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Review of Housing Association Corporate Governance Arrangements in Northern Ireland

Published on: 19 November, 2014

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Ulster University and the University of Birmingham are currently undertaking a review of housing association corporate governance arrangements in Northern Ireland.

Firstly, this sector funded study will produce a baseline survey, in close collaboration with NIFHA, to help strengthen and inform future monitoring of housing association governance practices. Secondly, it will also highlight the characteristics of good governance and share good practice across the sector and thirdly, the study will provide a platform for debate amongst key stakeholders who have an interest in improving future sector governance.

In line with this third aim, a series of stakeholder meetings and four Discussion Papers will be produced between November 2014 – February 2015, to inform the study. Discussion Papers are based on four themes, ‘Who Governs’, ‘How We Govern’, ‘What We Govern’ and ‘Where to Next’, each setting out a list of key discussion points which the researchers are seeking views on before completing their review in Spring 2015.

Discussion Paper 1 – ‘Who Governs’ – seeks views from stakeholders on important questions around the diversity and recruitment of board members; board member payment and length of service; training, learning and development and appraisals.

Discussion Paper 2 – ‘How We Govern’ – seeks views on board strategy and performance; executive/non-executive roles and relationships; life outside the boardroom; managing tensions and conflicts and managing accountability to stakeholders.

Discussion Paper 3- ‘What we Govern’ – seeks views from stakeholders on the key functions most critical now for HA governance in NI and the main issues and topics that still require attention within each of these functions.

If you would like to contribute to the study or offer your thoughts on any of the discussion papers, please contact Peter Shanks or David Mullins



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