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Fire and Security Equipment Maintenance & Installation

Reference: 2019/S 212-519149
Deadline: Friday, 22 November 2019 at 13:00

The contract is to operate as a key supplier for Alpha Housing Association, providing maintenance and installation services to their sites across Northern Ireland. This includes, Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting, Fire Fighting Equipment, Door Access, Warden Call disciplines. Routine, Response and Planned Maintenance are all elements of the contract.

The scope of the works under this contract comprises of maintenance, installation and repairs to fire alarm systems, emergency and communal lighting systems, fire equipment, door access systems, security equipment, automatic doors and all associated equipment. Occasionally orders may be placed for planned works, to provide new equipment or systems, upgrade or replace existing systems. These works may be ordered individually or as an element of another project of Planned Works to operate alongside another of Alpha’s contractors. The detailed requirements works covered by this contract are defined in the specification of materials and workmanship (available at the abovementioned address). Orders may be placed in respect of works to:

  • tenanted properties
  • internal and external common parts (including garages, bin stores, refuse chambers and the like)
  • managed leasehold properties
  • sheltered housing properties
  • supported housing properties, and
  • other tenures

Orders will be placed throughout the contract period for works to individual properties. Properties are likely to be occupied by customers of Alpha whilst the works are undertaken. Works may take place to any or all of the properties. Tenderers should note that the tenderer’s appointment (if successful) does not guarantee tenderers any, or any minimum level of, work. Furthermore, Alpha shall be entitled, acting at its discretion, to source the same, or similar, works outside of the contract. The contract is to provide response, cyclical, and planned maintenance to fire and security equipment located at all properties owned or managed by Alpha. This includes the properties of any other organisation that Alpha manages now or in the future and any additional Properties Alpha subsequently acquires by development, stock transfer or purchase.

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